Let’s Get {Social}

We’re social people. Now, more than ever, being social on- and offline is imperative to running a successful business. What may seem like meaningless online activity translates into “meaningful social interaction” (as Zuckerberg would say). Engage with followers in a way that makes your business real and relevant to the conversation.

Social Media Management

Posting regularly on social media gives you the ability to engage with customers and prospects before they even step foot in your business. BUT, you have to be posting the right content on the right platform at the right times in order to engage the right person. When you entrust us to manage your business on social, here is what you can expect:

  • Create and/or Optimize your social media business profiles so your brand looks consistent across all platforms

  • Help you determine your brand’s voice online

  • Define your audience personas

  • Develop a consistent post schedule (4x-5/week)

    • Design custom templates that fits within your brand guidelines

    • Share original content, created for your brand highlighting your services, industry knowledge, etc.

    • Curate engaging content to share from quality sources to share with your audience online

  • Create a monthly content marketing calendar

Social Media Management starting at $750.00

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram provide an amazing opportunity for small businesses to advertise their products and services. Due to the robust, detailed targeting, reaching your ideal audience is possible even with a smaller budget. 

What Are Your Marketing Objectives?

  • Build Brand Awareness

  • Reach Local Customers

  • Increase Page/Post Engagement

  • Website Conversions

  • Generate Leads

  • Social Contests/Giveaways for growth

Let us help you reach those business goals! Facebook Ads starting at $500.00


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