What is Search Engine {Optimization}?

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization”. Basically, a fancy term for the process of getting your website to show up on the first page of search results. At Anchor Business Strategies, we {optimize} your site with the right mix of combined SEO strategies to increase your visibility online.

To keep things simple, SEO can be broken down into a few different parts:

On-site (On-Page)

On-Site SEO, in short, refers to changes made on the website itself in order for it to show up on the first page of search results. Part of this process entails:

  • Using particular keywords in the site’s copywriting, alt tags, meta titles, meta descriptions…etc. relevant to the business.

  • Making sure the site is mobile optimized.

  • Simplifying the menu structure for easy navigation.

  • Creating a better user-experience (those browsing your site) by clearly defining what each page is about.

Off-site (Off-Page)

Off-site SEO is essentially anything that benefits your site’s performance, such as backlinking, outside of direct, on-page edits. Off-site SEO is the most technical form of Search Engine Optimization and involves quite a bit of knowledge. Some of the other forms involve:

  • Social media engagement (organic and paid marketing)

  • Link building

  • Guest blogging


Localized SEO is the process of improving your business’s reach in the community it is located in. The process involves claiming/creating listings, like Google My Business (GMB) pages, which shows up on the right hand side of Google Search. The GMB listing displays relevant business information, photos, and reviews from customers. Other forms of local SEO include monitoring your online reputation via review management/generation on search engines and social platforms.


Increase your site's SEO by starting a conversation! Blogging is an important part of your online presence and can be used to create a tone of voice for your business online such as thought-leader, educational, inspirational etc.

  1. Tell us what you know by writing an article and we will edit the post to optimize your blog before publishing.

  2. If you don't have a blog, we can set that up and begin writing SEO rich content for you!