Social Media Is Not Seasonal

The Seasonal Slump

Have you ever landed on a company’s social media page and realized they haven’t updated it in over 2 years? Or did you notice the page has been dormant for months? Maybe summer isn’t their busy season, but the business page cover photo is still related to Valentine’s Day…in general, the profile itself is simply outdated.

Posting seasonal content is great, but don’t rely on holiday-heavy posts. Typically, when businesses only post during seasonally applicable times, they are promoting their product or service(s) only. How does that look to new visitors? Salesy.

No one wants to be sold to, especially if they were not shopping on social in the first place. And let’s be honest, no one is going to your social media page and buying something on the first visit.

People are browsers before they become buyers.

As a business, social media platforms should be used to post valuable content—relevant to your target audience. As business owners, you are in the business of problem solving; your product or service being the solution. How are you serving your audience, not selling this season?

Idle Profiles Are Not Invisible

As a new or existing business, trying to break into the social media crowd, do not begin posting on a social platform then let it sit idly by. When you commit to being online, you need to show up! And not just when there is a sale or promotion to post.

Idle, social pages are an oxymoron. How can you be idle and social at the same time? You can’t! The same goes for your social media business profiles. Your brand and/or business looks disengaged and careless when your profile is stale, idle, and unengaged.

Outdated content is not only frustrating for a consumer, searching for relevant information, but overall just tacky.

Just because your business page is not active, does not mean others aren’t actively trying to get your attention. People may be asking questions, sending messages, or reviewing your business without any reply. Lack of monitoring your online presence can end up being detrimental to your business’s image or reputation in the long run.

Dive deeper: If you haven’t heard of “Word of Mouse” before, follow the link to read a past blog post to learn more. Understanding the value of online reputation management is essential to every business model, whether on social media or not.

Create Regular Content

As you begin posting on social media, get into a rhythm of how often you’re sharing and what your content will look like. You should have a “look” or “aesthetic” (as we social strategists say) to your content. Don’t let the change of seasons throw your brand book out the window! Having said that, share purposeful content, not just pretty content—brand aesthetics is a conversation for another time.

Holiday sales and peak seasons are great, but you aren’t going to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for someone you just met. In the same way, most consumers will not purchase from a company they don’t know. You need to build a relationship first.

People don’t want to be sold to, they want to be engaged with.

Don’t talk at people, talk with them. Keep these tips in mind as you are building out your social media plan. Create regular content that builds an active relationship between your business, what you offer, and the people who may be interested in it all year round.

Dive deeper: If you don’t have something informative (of value), emotional, or engagement worthy, think again before pressing “post now.” Check out the 3 Questions to Ask Before Posting something online to learn more about that.

Happy posting!