Anchor Business Strategies, LLC. is a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses show up online in strategic and authentic ways to connect with their audiences through organic engagement and social media.

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Now let's talk about the person behind all the words on the screen. Nice to meet you, I’m Haley Ward; founder of Anchor Business Strategies, LLC. I am a Regent University graduate with a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Business Leadership & Management. I have experience working in many small businesses, advertising on Facebook, working for marketing and software agencies, volunteering with nonprofits, etc. I will always be a student at heart so I continue to further my education in the fields of digital marketing and graphic design to provide my clients with expert service and advice.


Hi, I’m Haley!

Creator & Founder of Anchor Business Strategies

I always knew I would start my own business, but was not quite sure what that would look like in the long run. I knew marketing would be involved in some capacity because anytime I went shopping, I couldn't help but fall for the big red SALE signs! Even if I didn't need the item, the concept of a good deal that was for a limited time only always seemed to grab my attention (and my wallet). I needed to dig deeper. Why are some brands so good at capturing my attention, while others are not? I found it fascinating! 

Unfortunately, advertising and marketing both tend to have a bad reputation because there are so many scams out there…

Honesty and transparency are the foundations for good marketing. If you believe in the product or service you provide, there is no need to sugar coat the presentation with falsified benefits or half truths.

Conning someone into buying a product or service does not create a long term customer relationship, it tarnishes the validity of your brand/business. Sales are great, but creating long term return on investment is what advertising is all about. You want your customer/client/patient etc. to feel like they are receiving value in return for their valuable resources: time and money.

I started Anchor Business Strategies in order to help small businesses understand the importance of digital marketing and effectively brand their businesses online. My job is to help businesses clearly identify and define their target audience(s), optimally position their brand/product/service(s) online for greater exposure, and get social with those audiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google to turn "followers" into "customers".

What are you waiting for?